How many movies has Mareel had on?

I got bored and decided to fire out a quick table to display how many films have been on in Mareel since the 21st of June (since I started collecting the data).

Here are the results:

Monsters University88
Despicable Me 286
The Smurfs 241
The World’s End36
World War Z36
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters20
Now You See Me19
Before Midnight14
Behind the Candelabra13
Pacific Rim13
The Heat11
Much Ado About Nothing8
The Wolverine8
Man of Steel7
The Lone Ranger5
Springsteen & I3
Summer In February3
Thérése Desqueyroux3
A Field in England2
Aguirre: The Wrath of God2
ASN Friendly Screening: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial2
Caesar Must Die2
Fast & Furious 62
Rivers and Tides2
The Bling Ring2
The Conjuring2
The Iceman2
This is the End2
We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks2
ASN Friendly Screening - Monsters University1
ASN Friendly Screening: Despicable Me 21
ASN Friendly Screening: The Smurfs 21
Autism Friendly Screening - Monsters University1
Autism Friendly Screening - The Lone Ranger1
Our Children1
The Audience1

Kind of interesting. The summer has definitely been aimed towards the kiddly-winks from the looks of it. Thankfully there have been a good selection of films on in the last 2 months to enjoy, a feat that’s even more impressive considering there are only 2 screens in the cinema.

I might do a couple of other tables (perhaps comparing 2D vs 3D) so keep an eye out for that popping up some time soon.